Applicative 2015

February 25th-27th 2015

Applicative is ACM's conference designed for software developers interested in the latest in emerging technologies and techniques. The conference consists of two tracks, one looking at system-level programming and the other at application development.



The systems track will explore topics that enable systems-level practitioners to build better software for the modern world. The speakers are involved in the design, implementation and support of novel technologies and low-level software supporting some of today's most demanding workloads. Topics range from memory allocation, to multicore synchronization, to time, to distributed systems and more.

Application Development

The application development track has speakers from leading technology companies talking about how they are applying new technologies to the products they deliver. The track covers topics such as reactive programming, singe page application frameworks, UI based on functional programming, and other tools and approaches that will help you build more robust applications and do it more quickly.

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