Applicative February 25th-27th 2015

Applicative is ACM's conference designed specifically for software developers interested in the latest in emerging technologies and techniques. The conference consists of two tracks, one looking a system level programming and the other at application development.


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George Neville-Neil works on networking and operating system code for fun and profit. He also teaches courses on various subjects related to programming. His areas of interest are code spelunking, operating systems, and rewriting your bad code (OK, maybe not that last one). He earned his bachelor's degree in computer science at Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts, and is a member of ACM, the Usenix Association, and IEEE. He is an avid bicyclist and traveler who currently lives in New York City.

Terry Coatta is currently CTO for Marine Learning Systems. Marine Learning Systems is an eLearning software and services provider to the maritime and resource industry. Prior to Marine Learning Systems,Terry was President of AssociCom, a Vancouver-based start-up that builds online communities for professional and trade associations. His expertise lies in the areas of software architecture and software development. As CTO for Vitrium Systems Inc., he led the development organization through the release of three new products, and the customer base expanded from under 10 to over 200. From 2001 to 2005, he was the VP of Development at Silicon Chalk Inc. where he led a team developing a unique real-time collaboration tool for use at universities and colleges. Terry was also a founding partner in Network Software Group Inc. (acquired by Open Text Corporation, 1996) and Director of Software Development at GPS Industries Inc. An active ACM volunteer, Terry serves on the ACM Practitioners Board and Queue Editorial Board, and chairs the Case Study Committee.

Samy Al Bahra is the co-founder of Backtrace I/O, a New York-based company that is building debugging technology to fundamentally improve the quality of today's demanding native applications. Previously, he was a principal engineer at AppNexus, playing a key role in the development of a leading realtime online advertising platform. Prior to his work at AppNexus, he was involved with Message Systems in the development of a high-performance messaging server. Samy was part of the George Washington University High Performance Computing Laboratory working on PGAS languages and reconfigurable computing, where he was team lead of the UPC parallel I/O reference implementation. He is the maintainer of Concurrency Kit (, a library that provides a plethora of specialized concurrency primitives, lockless data structures, and other technologies to aid the research, design, and implementation of high-performance concurrent systems. Samy serves on the ACM Practitioners Board.