Applicative 2016 / Speakers

Yasha Podeswa


Let's build a Service Oriented Data Pipeline

Like many software projects, data pipelines built by Business Intelligence teams often start out as quickly built monoliths, but over time they can be made simpler and more maintainable by splitting them into a series of tightly defined services. In this talk we'll look at the challenges we've faced scaling Data Analytics at Hootsuite, then move into a live coding session, where we'll stitch together a data pipeline as a series of Scala apps, deployed to AWS Lambda, connected using Airbnb's open source Airflow tool.


Yasha is a Software Developer on the Data Lab team at Hootsuite, where he helps the Product and Business teams make data driven, customer centric decisions. Originally an Oceanographer working on carbon flux modelling, he got into Software Development through scientific computing, and has become especially passionate about building stable systems to process and analyze large volumes of data.

Twitter: @ypodeswa

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