Applicative 2016 / Speakers

Theo Schlossnagle


Techniques and Tools For a Coherent Discussion About Performance in Complex Architectures

Most applications today have separate networked services measuring in the tens to hundreds; especially with the growing popularity of micro services. Crossing the boundary between these services often means a change in team and even a change in programming languages. In this session will discuss the challenges this presents, why it is important to have a single engineering conversation about performance and how we can accomplish this.


Theo founded Circonus in 2010, and continues to be its principal architect. Theo earned both his undergraduate and graduate degrees from Johns Hopkins University in computer science. He founded OmniTI, the go-to source for organizations facing today's challenging scalability, performance and security problems. A respected industry thought leader, Theo is the author of Scalable Internet Architectures (Sams) and a frequent speaker at worldwide IT conferences. Theo resides in Maryland with his wife and three daughters.

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