Applicative 2016 / Speakers

Amanda Laucher

Mined Minds

Types vs Tests

Becoming a professional programmer in the days of Test Driven Development, many are led to believe that there is only one approach to software design and that everyone else is wrong. But what if you’re also a Type fanatic who prefers the safety of compile time error messages? Can these two methods live in harmony? Should they? In this talk we’ll take a rational look across the spectrum of Test and Type driven design, examining the benefits and limitations of these approaches, as well as the language and framework features that best serve these differing needs.


Amanda Laucher is a lover of programming and languages in particular. She started as a child, helping her Grandmother with punch cards and learning Morse code with her father, and now is often found ranting about functional languages and great type systems. Amanda is a co-founder of Mined Minds where she dedicates her efforts to changing the economic drivers of a small community in south western Pennsylvania by teaching an out-of-work coal mining town to write code.

Twitter: @pandamonial

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